Insurance and Payments Accepted

  • Self Pay

  • Christian Sharing Plans (ex: Medi-Share)

  • Aetna

  • Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO-GPG 

  • Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO/POS-GPG 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Blue Advantage HMO

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage PPO

  • Care Improvement Plus

  • Cigna PPO

  • Coalition America

  • Galaxy Healthcare PPO

  • Galaxy Medical Savings Plan

  • Healthcare Highways Commercial 

  • HealthSmart ACCEL

  • HealthSmart GEPO

  • HealthSmart PPO

  • HealthSpring Specialist

  • Humana Choice Care PPO

  • Humana Medicare Choice PPO 

  • Humana Medicare Gold Choice PFFS 

  • Multiplan Complimentary Network (not PHCS)

  • Mutual of Omaha MA 

  • Medicare Part B** see below**

  • UHC-HMO Select

  • UHC-Non-HMO Choice/Options

  • UHC Medicare 


  • Wellcare MedicareHMD-GFG

Medicare "Non-Participating"

We are listed as a non-participating Medicare Provider. 

What does this mean? We accept Medicare, but do not agree to take assignment in all cases (they may on a case-by-case basis). This means that while non-participating providers have signed up to accept Medicare Insurance, they do not accept Medicare's approved amount for health care services as full payment. 

Non-Participating Providers can charge up to 15% more than Medicare's approved amount for the cost of services you receive. (known as the limiting charge). This means you are responsible for up to 35% (20% coinsurance + 15% limiting charge) of Medicare's approved amount for covered services.

If you pay the full cost of your care up front, your provider should still submit a bill to Medicare. Afterward, you should receive from Medicare a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and reimbursement for 80% of the Medicare-approved amount. 

Example: If a new patient allowable on Medicare is $140, you would be responsible for 15% additional charge which would be $21, this is not billable to insurance. If you are also responsible for 20% coinsurance you would pay the $28 (20% coinsurance) PLUS $21 for a total of $49.

* This fee does not apply to Medicare Advantage Plans.