Since our new addition opened up on May 26th with the larger shot room for allergy injections, our office is put back in a place that our patients do the 30-minute wait back in the office. 

As of May 1st, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) outlined new minimum standards for safe practice required of physicians when engaging in an in-person patient encounter. This includes:

  • Wearing masks for the patient and physician (or their delegate) when within 6 feet of each other (both individuals should be masked)

  • Following applicable policies regarding screening and testing for COVID-19

  • Screening patients prior to any encounter

  • Using N95 masks during certain high-risk procedures

  • Posting a required notice in public areas and treatment rooms

Due to the new rule, all patients and adults accompanying minors with any siblings must wear a mask that covers their face and mouth for the entirety of the time within the office.  This can be a bandana or scarf if you do not have access to a mask. If you arrive for your allergy shot or your appointment without a mask, you will be asked to reschedule as we are unable to provide masks.

Information about office visits 

FMAAC  will continue regular hours during this time of recommended social distancing with a few changes to help our visit & allergy shot patients feel more comfortable.

In general, all of our scheduled patients are coming in for good visits and we ask that if you or your child are sick (fever or cough) that you call the office to reschedule and that you do NOT come in for allergy shots.

Per the CDC & Health Dept recommendations, patients who are sick should self-quarantine unless they are ill enough to see emergency care in the ER. I do not have masks & other PPE for my staff nor the ability to test for COVID19.

All patients coming in for visits will be roomed immediately for the check-in process with vital signs being taken in the exam rooms.

Patients will not be sent to check out if there is a line.

If at all possible (and I understand as a single mom it may not be) please bring as few relatives with you to you or your child’s visit.

Thank you!

Sherry Barnett MD

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