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Allergies In Flower Mound Texas

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Would you like to find long-term relief for your allergies  or asthma that gets to the root of your problem and keeps you from having to see the doctor? Then you need to meet Dr. Sherry Barnett, a Board-Certified Allergist practicing in Flower Mound.  Dr. Barnett is more interested in figuring out what your baseline problem is and being proactive fixing it rather than treating you repeatedly for the same issue.  When allergic inflammation is prevented or at least well controlled, you can enjoy all the things you want to do without suffering like watch the kids play soccer, go camping or hunting or even walk the dog and not be a mess afterwards.

Allergists specialize in treating allergic inflammation that occurs in the nose, eyes, skin, gut, sinuses and airways.  This inflammation causes annoying symptoms like itching and sneezing but can also dramatically affect sleep, cognition and overall quality of life. Dr. Barnett herself had eczema & milk allergy as a child and developed nasal allergies and asthma but she has not let this slow her down.  Her personal struggle with allergies has led to a unique perspective on living with allergic disease and how to conquer it. Get relief now!

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